Keep Your Screen And Conscience Clean.

Remember your first touch screen phone? My first touch screen phone was an HTC Inspire, an Android derivative, all sparkly and new. It was the result of accidentally dropping my Blackberry into the depths of Table Rock lake. In retrospect I should have thrown the Blackberry into the lake because oh how I loved my new touch screen phone. But after a few weeks I noticed a disturbing change in my behavior; I was obsessed with having a clean screen. I spent far too much time walking around rubbing my phone on my shirt hem. It was becoming compulsive, like a drug addict scratching at their arms. So, I finally invested in some microfiber cleaning cloths, that did the trick. But the whole thing peaked my curiosity as to what exactly I was rubbing around on that screen and transferring to my cloth? What kind of bacteria was evolving on this battery heated petri dish sleeping in my pocket? I did some research and the results were startling… I’m so sorry… but we’re all going to die… lol joke! Kind of… No, most of the time it’s really not that bad. I’ll tell you what though; humans are gross so please oh please WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY.

Cell plagueSurprisingly, there are few studies on the subject of bacteria on cell phones. One study conducted by researchers at the University of London analyzed 780 swab samples; 390 from mobile phones and 390 from the hands that used them; in 12 U.K. cities. They found that 16% of both hands and phones were contaminated with E. coli, potentially illness-causing bacteria that originates from poor hygiene. Mostly from people not washing their hands. That same research also found bacteria that causes strep and staph infections in minuscule amounts on a few of those cell phones, though researchers say it is very rare to catch those infections from cell phones. So, when sharing a phone with others; just be aware that you are swapping some bacteria. I mean, I don’t mind sharing some microbial parasites but if you give me a cold or flu or the Bubonic Plague I’m going to be SO very angry. So go ahead and share that phone, but as soon as you’re done sharing your phone, whip out the cleaning wipe. In fact, just get right in the face of the person you just shared your phone with and whisper “you’re so gross” as you wipe the screen.

For cleaning my Android screen I switched from the microfiber cleaning cloth to DigiClean anti-bacterial / anti-microbial adhesive cleaning pads. When not in use the thin pad sticks to the back of your phone so it’s always there when you need it. DigiClean pads are washable and reusable. A wonderful invention that EDC just happens to sell as a promotional product. That means you can get your logo or a QR code or whatever you want printed on it. Then, oh please dear god, give away handfuls of them. If you’d like more information about these and other great promotional products, give us a call at 1-800-445-2946. Thanks for reading!