Using Technology to Better Serve Your Customers

Serving your customers better is a goal you strive for in your business and your day-to-day routines. How do you serve your customers better, though? There are several ways to accomplish this. We are going to cover how to use technology to do this.

What Do Your Customers Depend On You For?

The first step in trying to figure out how to better serve your customers is to ask the question: what do your customers depend on you for. This would be your most basic, or most important list of services/products that you provide. Once you have your list, then you can ask how you can improve those services or products by using technology.

How We Use Technology to Better Serve Our Customers

We use technology in a variety of ways to deliver not only a better customer service experience, but also a better business experience overall. One of the ways we use technology is setting up company stores for our customers that request them. Take Bass Pro, for instance. We handle a lot of Bass Pro’s supply chain for them. That means that we have to be able to be on top of the products they order from us at all times. Our online stores do this by providing them an easy way to order directly from us. Once they place their order it comes to our system so we can start fulfilling that order. Our technology allows us to track the order from the purchase to the delivery to make sure there everything runs smoothly. Since we also store some of their supplies, we are also able to keep an accurate accounting of the inventory of those supplies. If they get low on an item, they are alerted, so they can decide to order more or not. It’s a system that’s worked well for us for quite a while now and it’s all thanks to technology.

7 Ways You Can Use Technology

  1. Create an Online Ordering Portal for your customers, or your company.
  2. Use an online project management service to keep your customers up-to-date on projects you are managing for them.
  3. Use accounting software to keep track of how much your customer spends with you. Then use that data to analyze what they spent and how they can better allocate those funds with you next year.
  4. Integrate your website with search functionality, so that customers can find the information they need quicker.
  5. Have a mobile app created that will help your customers find your location, hours, or prices easier when they’re out and about.
  6. Setup social media platforms (and tell your customers they can contact you there) to answer your customers questions even when they’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  7. Use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to keep track of notes about customers, when they ordered, what they ordered, and a whole host of other information. Then, use your newfound knowledge to wow them next time you talk to them.


Need help with any of these? Executive Data Control offers many of these services. What we don’t offer, our sister company Heligonix does. Call or email us today.




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