Touchscreen Gloves Keep Your Fingers Warm and Connected

Sales of touchscreen devices like smart phones and tablet computers have really taken off this holiday season. And the Touch Screen Glovespromotional products industry has a great idea to help you use your new device when it is cold outside. How do you keep warm while texting this winter? You use touchscreen gloves of course, specially designed to keep your hands warm while keeping the connection between you and your device.

Most touch screen devices need a tiny electrical charge from your finger tips to work. Most gloves break that electrical connection. There are several answers, from touchscreen gloves without fingertip coverings, to ones with a removable flap, to ones that reestablish the small electrical connection from fingertip to screen.

Spandex touch screen glovesWe like these gloves; they come in spandex or acrylic fabrics and keep your fingers warm while you text, or search, or shop for hot chocolate. Let us put your logo on and now you have a great gift idea for customers or your own employees! This would be perfect for delivery drivers or anyone who is outdoors a lot.

Keep you fingers warm and stay connected to your social network, so you can complain about the cold! We have a lot of ideas for smart phone and tablet computer accessories, just call Rick Barr at 417-886-2693 to learn more.

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