Team Building with Corporate Apparel

When my son started attending an eastern university last year we were warned about the screen printed t-shirts. “We love to giveaway t-shirts here, so your kids will get lots of chances for free shirts,” they said. Then I noticed that there were lots of screen printed t-shirts with many different colors and designs for the same organization. If you volunteered to help with an event you got an exclusive t-shirt. Student leaders had the rare “gold” shirt. The president could award a particular shirt based on his own criteria. People were all aware of the status of a rare shirt, and there were t-shirt swaps held so people could collect shirts they wanted.

It’s amazing how much human behavior is motivated by our desire to belong. Organizational psychologists refer to camaraderie as a major part of team motivation. Some people think that before you can act like a team you need to look like a team. Apparel is a natural expression of belonging to a tribe; it is a cultural role that started way back.

As fashion changes people still have the need to express their affiliations through the clothes they wear. Not long ago the hat a person wore told much about whom they were and their social class. In contemporary societies, the sartorial equivalent of the hat is the T-shirt, which expresses social identity in many different ways, ranging from identity politics to lifestyle. Team building and motivation can be achieved through simple screen printed t-shirts that convey a particular marketing campaign or a production or quality initiative. If a higher quality looks is required, then turn to a classic embroidered logo on a higher end Polo or even an Oxford shirt.

Building a program using decorated apparel is easier when e-Store capabilities are implemented to control all aspects of the program. Corporate apparel is a great way to build a team, motivate people, have fun and look great. Call Executive Data Control at 800-445-2946 to get started building your team now.

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