Supply Chain Management Cuts Costs

In these tough economic times many companies are looking to cut costs. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one of the best ways to achieve cost savings while also improving value. There are lots of definitions of the concept. We focus on the functions as they relate to printing, corporate apparel and promotional products, and marketing collateral. With this focus we provide services that help companies with sourcing, fulfillment and warehousing, online technology, project management, analysis, and marketing and creative services to maximize the value of your print and promotional products. The next few blog posts will be devoted to breaking this concept down with the goal of helping you cut costs and improve your company’s bottom line.

Our use of SCM is devoted to driving down the total spend and increasing the value of the program. Whether it is hard cost savings due to quantity purchasing and/or soft cost savings of ease of online access or storage space, we can find real savings. Using technology to improve online access and providing reporting to ease accounting cost allocation provides a clear benefit and improves the value of the program. Analyzing the actual dollars spent can help companies make better decisions about how and why money is spend for communications, image, and promotions.

Applying these principles also affects the timing and logistics of campaigns. We routinely help customers roll-out new branches or stores. Recently a large credit union changed their brand and we worked with them and their advertising agency to source material, and store it for release on a particular date. Supply Chain Management is a broader view of purchasing and seeks to build productivity and efficiency. Over the next month we will talk about all the aspects of this winning strategy to improve value and cut costs.

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