What Really Knocked Me Out Was Her Cheap Sunglasses

Imagine you’re a Roman Emperor by the name of Nero and you’re watching two gladiators fight to the death. “Here comes the death blow! Ack! I’ve been blinded by Sol! (Roman sun god), DEEEE-NIED!” Pretty much a heart stopping moment coming from a guy who murdered his Mom and illuminated his gardens at night by burning Christians, yikes. What to do? So, some smart person buffed up a pair of lens shaped emeralds that would reflect the Suns rays. They wired the gems together and gave them to Nero. And so was born the first pair of “sunglasses.”

Inuit sunglassesThere is one precursor to Nero’s fancy new specs. These glasses were worn by the Inuit people on their snowy hunting trips. They were made from walrus ivory and had no real “lens.” Instead they carved little slits in the eyepieces that blocked most of the suns rays. But sunglasses weren’t always used for blocking the Sun. Around 1300 A.D. Chinese judges routinely wore smoke-colored quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court.

It wasn’t until the mid 1700’s that James Ayscough began experimenting with tinted lenses in spectacles. But not to block the sun; Ayscough believed blue- or green-tinted glass could correct for specific vision impairments. Ayscough’s Yellow/amber and brown-tinted spectacles were commonly prescribed for people with syphilis because sensitivity to light was one of the symptoms of the disease. So you would slowly go insane but look really cool doing it. It wasn’t until the 20th century that modern-type sunglasses came to be. In 1929, Sam Foster, founder of the Foster Grant company sold the first pair of Foster Grant sunglasses on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ. By 1930 sunglasses were in full swing of popularity. During that time the Army Air Corps commissioned the optical firm of Bausch & Lomb to produce a highly effective spectacle that would protect pilots from the dangers of high-altitude glare. Bausch & Lomb perfected a special dark-green tint to absorb light in the yellow band of the spectrum and saved pilots from squinting induced headaches.

Disco sunglasses

I always go for the cheap sunglasses because I’m always losing them or dropping them and scratching up the lenses. I also refer to the words of the great ZZ Top – “What really knocked me out was her cheap sunglasses, oh yeah.”

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