Signage Of The Times

Have you ever thought about all the signs you see throughout the day? We are bombarded with signage; street signs, banners, billboards, posters, plastic, metal, painted, electric, neon and otherwise. Signs mix-and-match into four categories; information, direction, identification, and safety/regulatory. We’re just going to focus on business “identification and information signage” because I still have nightmares about pulling an eleven foot tall uhaul into a carport clearly marked WITH A SIGN as being nine feet tall… (sigh)

When I’m driving around trying to locate a business by its address; I’m also looking for their signage. It goes like this “I’m looking for 1361 South Glenstone Avenue. There it is… I think… and there’s the SIGN! Yes!” The signage is the basic link between the customer and your business with regards to your marketing and other promotional efforts. You can reach a wider audience with strategic use of signage. Place a sign in the right spot and you will get customers who didn’t even plan on shopping with you that day.EDC funny sign

Protip: I’ve found one of the most effective ways to find your target market through the use of signage is to make it “mobile.” Think about all the time you spend in your automobile and all the automobiles around you. Imagine being able to tell all those drivers about your business. Well, you can, with nothing more than an inexpensive car door magnet that has your logo, offering, and contact information. Stick it on the back and sides of your automobile. That is a HUGELY powerful means to get attention for your business.

Are you ready to build on your brand recognition and increase your business visibility in a relatively inexpensive way? Are you having a store opening and need product display signs or banners? EDC can provide you with quality custom signs, vinyl signs, business signs and magnetic signs. In fact; EDC specializes in store roll-outs that fit your schedule. By integrating our fulfillment service and e-Store with your identity collateral needs we can support your needs. Whether on a campaign basis or to support the entire marketing department supply chain for specialty graphics we can achieve your goals. If you’re interested in our commercial signage call EDC at 1-800-445-2946. Thanks for reading!