Promotional Products Can Add Color to Your Brand

Neon colors became big in last springs fashion shows, and the trend continues to grow. In fact many predict seeing more neon colored accessories for spring 2013. Promotional products and advertising specialties have a long history of attracting attention so this trend is perfect for us. Many neon color products are available, in fact they never seem to go out-of-style in our industry. Just ask Rick or your customer service representative at 800-445-2946.Neon Colored Sunglasses

We can report seeing more interest in brightly colored promotional products in Springfield Missouri this fall. Just this week a university group expressed a desire for sunglasses with neon colored bows. Their plan is to put a logo on the bow and sell them as a fundraiser. That is a great use of an advertising specialty especially for clubs and causes. Sunglasses are a hot item, there seems to be no shortage of sunshine these days!

Neon colored bagUse of neon colors is not just for women, more menswear and men’s accessories are being designed in these fun colors. If you are don’t think you can go bright for your corporate apparel then stay with muted colors and accessorize in brightly colored promotional products.

Neon colors need to be blocked, meaning they work best with big complementary colors. Bright yellow is neutral and goes with lots of other colors. Think of a big bright yellow bag against a dark blue shirt. Big blocks of color are at the heart of this trend, so consider tone-on-tone for logo decoration; a slightly different shade of thread or ink that conveys your brand but doesn’t break up the color effect.

Need more color in your life, give us a call and we can show you many ways to make your brand shine. Call Rick or ask your customer service representative at 800-445-2946 to get started now.

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