Promotional Pens Are Popular

What’s our most popular promotional advertising item? … Pens! Pens pens pens!
At EDC we have crazy amounts of promotional pens in every style and color you can imagine! Great brands like Bic, Stylus, Javalina, Maxglide, Fullerton and Palmiro. All emblazoned with your attractive business logo and contact information.

You might ask yourself “Why pens?” Well, first, there’s the trust you instill in people by giving them something, a promotional pen gives warm fuzzies. Then there’s the simple fact that every person who see’s that pen is going to suddenly know of your company, you’ve planted the seed of recollection with them. But even more so; people use them, they use them a lot. Pens get passed around and inadvertently shoved in shirt pockets. You might be surprised at all the hands that will use that pen, and all the eyes that see your logo… See where I’m coming from now? Pens work and you should let them work for your business.

If you need pens then EDC is the place to get them. Great prices, HUGE selection, fast delivery. See our giant selection of pens and other fine advertising specialties and promotional products on our website at www.edcmktg.com then call Rick at 800-445-2946 to place your order.

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