Project Management: The Way We Do It


Since I’ve been here, I’ve had the opportunity to observe how we do Project Management.  It’s a unique system that mixes digital and paper folders to keep everything straight. I hope you will find our system useful to your own project management endeavors.

It’s Not All About Digital

Don’t get us wrong, we love technology, but sometimes technology is not suited to a specific industry’s needs. Take the print industry for example. It’s one thing to have a sample of collateral on your computer in pdf format, but it’s entirely another to be able to pull it out of a file folder to see how it looks (or show it off to a client) in the real world. In this case, an all digital project management and file system would be not only slightly inappropriate, but also highly ineffective.

How Does It Work

Then an order comes in, it is typically done through that company’s online ordering portal. This way, we have an electronic record of it. That order is then sent to the specific Customer Service Representative (CSR) who is in charge of that account. The CSR contacts the customer to make sure that all the details are correct. Then it is sent onto the printer. Once it is printed, the CSR in charge of the account receives a hard-copy sample. The sample is then placed in a folder and filed until that product is ordered again.

There are, of course, some other steps that go into the management of print, apparel, and promotional product projects, but these are the basic steps.

Why This Works For Us

If we had to rely on just a digital system, we would be lost when we needed to answer questions about the quality, size, and any other specifics of a single order. Also, this allows us to quickly “eyeball” the number of orders we’ve had from a customer this year.

So, when you’re thinking of your project management system, keep in mind that an all-digital system may not be the best answer.

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