Process Improvement and Integration

Lean Total Process Improvement (TPI) is our “better way” to understand our customers’ needs. Total process improvement takes input from many sources to develop a clear understanding of processes and uses the power of the group to find improvement. We began to utilize the Ben Graham Detail Process Charting method in the 1990s. In fact, our owner Steve Visio is a certified business process improvement trainer. After using the methodology to improve our own processes we began to include the processes of our best clients. In this way we were able to integrate with our customers to become a super department to collaborate, innovate and achieve goals. Now we are available to teach Process Improvement to any company that feels the need to change, collaborate, integrate and innovate.

It is a transparent method that requires the expertise of the people actually performing the work to try to improve the process. By drawing a blueprint of your information flows we can help find real improvement in your marketing and sales process. The key is including the actual people who perform the work and developing the teamwork it takes to truly solve problems together. when you include your customers then the level of understanding and value add grows exponentially. This is the best way to integrate your company into your cusotmers processes. It’s transparant and inherently authentic, the perfect tool to uncover the value your company can provide to your customers. For such a powerful tool it is actually easy to implement a project and see real results. For more information contact us and ask for process improvement.