Print Supply Chain Management and More

Executive Data Control is 44 years old this year. We have seen a lot of changes over the years, but some things are still the same. Stacey Delcour and I got to visit an auto auction a few weeks ago. We have been a vendor to that particular industry for 35 years. Auto auctions are amazing to watch; you get to see free enterprise and the marketplace up close and personal. It is controlled chaos during the actual auction, and that hasn’t changed since I saw one in the 80’s. The changes are how the dealers now serve themselves. Gone are long lines in the lobby before the sell. The whole thing just seemed more efficient than it used to look.
Seeing the auction made me think of the changes in the print supply chain management business. The deadlines are still here, and the need for accuracy and cost control, but the whole thing is more efficient. The phones used to ring constantly, now most orders come through the internet. Reporting is more important than ever with an even larger focus on spend analysis.

Many customers have less staff and more work to get done. Subsequently our largest customers are asking us to take more responsibility for the money they spend on supplies. That is at the heart of our role in supply chain management. It’s less about what you buy, and more about why you buy and how you buy. Using the internet to make purchasing easier and utilizing reporting to find ways to drive down the actual spend. This system drives awareness of cost saving and we are applying the same principles to marketing and human resources supplies. If you want to know more call me at 800-445-2946.

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