Pocket Love

The “Pocket”; by definition “a shaped piece of fabric attached inside or outside a garment and forming a pouch used especially for carrying small articles.” To which I will append “Small articles like green cigarette lighters that belong to me because I KNOW YOU POCKETED MY LIGHTER TONY!” >:(

Where did all this “pocket” business come from? The first pockets were actually small pouches that hung from the belt where one could carry valuables and coins. The word itself comes from the Anglo-Norman word “pokete” and traces its roots to the Germanic root word “bag.” There’s also the old French word “poke” which basically means “pouch.” Though you never hear the word “poke” used to describe a pouch or pocket anymore, unless you are fond of the saying “A pig in a poke.” (That would have to be one big poke)

Unfortunately for the bearer of a pouch or purse, they were susceptible to thieves grabbing or cutting the pouch away from their victim; and that’s where the thieving title of “cut-purse” originated. Now pan to the late 1700’s Britain; There sits some poor soul whose lost his pouch again. His wife is railing on him mercilessly because that was all the grocery money. He turns to his wife and sarcastically says “Just sew the bloody pouch to my clothing.” So she does, and there is much rejoicing.

EDC Apparel Shirt Pocket StylesThe pocket is now an integral part of modern day clothing. We have pants pockets, dress pockets, shirt pockets, coat pockets, pockets in hats and socks. If you can fit a pocket on it then someone eventually will. People love the look of pockets so much they will even put fake pockets on clothing, or what I like to call “poser pockets,” pockets that confuse.

I use my pockets, though I tend to load them up with too much stuff. Then my pants start sagging and it makes me walk funny, so people point and laugh. But I’m okay with it because I brightened someones day. My 4th grader uses his pockets extensively, mostly for rocks and sticks, you can never have too many rocks and sticks! (ungh)

Hey I know where you can get pocketed apparel… wait… that doesn’t sound right. I know where you can get apparel with pockets (that sounds better.) EDC sells fine apparel with pockets, or without pockets. Check out our Apparel Catalogs, we have some really nice clothing. Even better; pockets embroidered with your name or logo, woo fancy! Want to know more about our apparel and embroidery? Call Rick Barr at 1-800-445-2946. Thanks for reading!