When Ordering Company Apparel

Planning your next company apparel list? It can be difficult to find quality apparel for a low cost. Not many companies do it but there are some out there. Here’s a list of some ideas to mull over.

Pay a little more. I know this can be hard to hear, but if you want quality it is going to be more expensive than the cheap stuff. Saying that, I know there are many companies out there who do not charge a lot more for a good, quality product. With these companies, we are talking cents, not dollars.

Name brands. We can be safe in knowing that name brand companies are going to be of higher quality than their counterparts. Pay attention to the bullet point above this for you will definitely pay more, most likely a lot more. Many brands who try to emulate the name brands have created nearly identical products and sell them for a lot cheaper. When calling your local distributor, have them research the brands that are doing this. It will save you money and make a hero of you at your next meeting.

Screen Printing vs. Embroidery. Screen printing is going to be less expensive and more casual. Want a more professional look? Go with embroidery. It is that simple. See last week’s blog here.

Shop around. There are so many companies out there that it should be easy to find one you like. Start with calling three of them and tell them what you need. Do not just call one company. Know your options, compare the pricing and services of the companies, and start negotiating. The one who will offer you the best price may not be the best fit for you. I always go with the company who offers me the best service because I want to feel like I matter to them and want my needs taken care of. I like to image best price and service being under one roof.

Use one vendor. This will save you from headaches and disorganization. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel when I can call a trusted vendor to help me with all of my needs.

When shopping around for apparel vendors, take enough time to know the job will be done the first time you do it. Shine your light of attention on it and stay focused. Visualize everything coming together from the initial phone call to the opening of the boxed apparel. Then, let me know about your experience. It will be great.