Integration Solutions are Key at Executive Data Control

Our strategy for growth aligns behind three concepts; great technology, related product lines of logoed merchandise, and integration solutions. In light of all the disruptive technology out there these days, integration is where the action is. At the heart of integration is your company’s ability to understand and master business processes while increasing your relevance and value to your customers.

Complexity is overwhelming in lots of industries. Look at the history of the construction industry. As building requirements grew so did the ability to handle the complicated details. Talk to an architect, they absolutely live in a world where reality is depicted in scaled drawings called blueprints. You cannot build even a simple structure without a blueprint. Detail process charting provides a blueprint for information flows. As the channels for marketing communication explode, drawing a chart that absolutely reflects the reality of information flows is the only way to understand and capitalize on your processes.

A properly developed LEAN chart is the only way to evaluate what is really happening with the people who actually do the work. Start with the question;”what do we do?” then document the “what” as accurately as possible. Focus entirely on what is really happening and draw a brutally honest depiction.

The next step is to create a safe atmosphere where the people who actually do the work can ask “why” without fear. For every “why” question, the group can assign research, or pilot studies for improvement, or perhaps a technology change. Every feature a software vendor touts can be evaluated against what you do now with the goal being an improved client experience. Include some clients in your process improvement team and get ready to be amazed.

During disruptive technology changes it is more important to understand your own processes. This way you can make changes that will fit into your existing strategy, and build a culture of improvement. Interested in learning more? Call Steve Visio at 800-445-2946.

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