Screen Printed T-Shirt Mind Control

If you perform a web search for the term “t-shirt giveaway” guess what you find? Only about one hundred BILLION of them! Why so many screen printed t-shirt giveaways? Because people like them and want them and will go out of their way to pickup a free screen printed t-shirt. Seriously, as a child I had an aunt who would drive one hundred miles in her giant tank of an Oldsmobile for a free t-shirt. Never you mind about the price of gas and careening dangerous curves with names like “Bloody Hill” and “Skull Break Bend.” Those didn’t matter, because… “FREE T-SHIRT!”

That reminds me of another story; Recently my son was watching an episode of a cartoon called “Max & Ruby” (by Rosemary Wells.) Max is a little bunny and Ruby is his older sister. Max saw a t-shirt in a store with a cool screen printed dragon. Max became obsessed with having the “Dragon shirt.” In turn; my son has become obsessed with owning a “Dragon shirt.” Self-expression? Powerful mojo at work? Some form of mind control? Hypnosis? All I know is he won’t shut-up until he has his “Dragon shirt.” Feel the power of the screen printed t-shirt? Resistance is futile!

Whether as an expression of pride and joy or “that’s all that was clean.” People will wear screen printed t-shirts and everyone around them will see that logo of their favorite band, radio station, youth group or business etc. Screen printed t-shirts are a fairly inexpensive yet VERY effective advertising tool and people can never have too many. At EDC we use cutting edge screen printing technology to provide you the best quality and fast production at competitive prices. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of the screen printed t-shirt give Rick a callĀ at 800-445-2946 or visit our website at https://www.edcmktg.com to learn more about our screen printing technology.