How to Use Technology to Beat Your Competition

The pace of technological change is incredibly fast these days. It is so rapid that today’s great solution seems outdated by the time you’ve implemented it into your processes. I think a lot of people get overwhelmed and stuck. The only secure way forward is to follow the crowd it would seem. I disagree. The answer lies in understanding your processes in detail, from the point of view of the people who perform the work. Then have that team available to evaluate the new technology solutions available to your industry.

Detailed Process Charting is one of my favorite activities to perform. This involves charting out your processes in enough detail that a stranger could take the chart and perform the process. There are amazing benefits to be gained; people question why they are performing tasks, constraints are uncovered and mitigated, competitive advantages can be exploited, your customers experience with your company can be changed for the better.

I think the competitive environment demands that you study your processes most directly involved with client experience. Are you easy to deal with, can clients find answers on your website, do you listen to my complaints and resolve issues? Your competitive advantage has far more to do with how your clients experience your company than anything else. Create a process improvement team focused on your client’s experience and use technology to beat your competition. If you want to know more call Steve at 800-445-2946.

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