How Is Your Climate Assessment?

It’s time for another climate assessment of Executive Data Control. Every few years Missouri State University I/O Psychology students have administered a questionnaire to all of our employees to measure employees’ perceptions of job satisfaction, leadership styles of supervisors, organizational commitment, work motivation and the various aspects of their work environment. Here is a link about I/O Psychology.

We have data now from five assessments over a fifteen year period. In general the data shows that the company has improved as a place where people want to work. Earlier assessments showed some leadership communication problems especially related to our future direction. There were also morale problems in the past. Thanks to the assessments we have been able to work on issues that were raised.

One of the best things we did was to start holding a monthly company wide meeting where we explain the financial results from the previous month. We have come to believe that this meeting is one of the best communication tools we have. We also assign accountability for projects and initiatives, especially when they have a direct affect on the bottom line.

In the 44 year history of the company we have gone through many changes. Most of the changes are industry based, however we have matured from a small family business to a more professional medium sized company with national markets. Part of becoming professional is the implementation of professional management. This includes formal procedures to help run the company; performance appraisals, budgets, marketing plans and goal setting. The climate assessment allows us to stop and check ourselves. How are the employees, how can we make this a better place to work. I firmly believe that happy employees make happy customers, and making people happy takes time and commitment. After we get the results, I will share how we are doing with you.

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