EDC Does Halloween Right

A holiday approaches in which one would be wise, to pander extortion by small humans in disguise.
A night of reward to keep evil at bay, we mock it in hope of seeing the next light of day.
A night for children would be putting it mild, for it is this night I become a tall child.
And for every stop on the path we’ll weave, we are there to embrace “All Hallows Eve.”

Skeleton on the toiletHalloween is one of my favorite holidays. Ever since I can remember I would wait with heavy anticipation of a sack filled with candy. I have a confession; from 4th through 6th grade I would go “trick or treating” then run home to modify my costume and go “trick or treating” AGAIN. Pretty sure my neighbors knew it was me revisiting them (the red Converse were a dead giveaway), but they didn’t seem to care.

I’ll be out there with my “small human” again this year. Although, he doesn’t care much about candy, we’ll be out there for the “theatrics.” “There” is the neighborhood I grew up in, it encompasses the Rountree school district of Springfield, Missouri. And WOW you would not believe the amount of people that show up in my old stomping grounds on Halloween. My parents still reside in those neighborhoods and on Halloween they give out over 1000 pieces of candy! Seriously, people are bused in from the outskirts. It’s the one time of year those smallish mid-western town sidewalks look like the lunch rush in Mid-town Manhattan. The reason so many come to that neighborhood is because people really get into the spirit of the holiday. Theatrics abound with mock cemeteries, smoke machines and strobe lights. We’ll see every costume imaginable from zombies and vampires to Spongebob and Patrick.

Have you picked out your costume and supplies yet? I would be remiss if I did not inform you of the Halloween section of the EDC promotional products catalog. I didn’t realized just how much Halloween stuff we carry. EDC has everything you could need for Halloween. Costumes, backdrops, goody bags, temporary tattoos, party favors, even the skeleton door hanging in the photo. I could go on but you should just see for yourself. Don’t be caught without, order early and lay the thought to rest. If you need Halloween supplies call EDC at 1-800-445-2946. Thanks for reading!

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