Grade Your Marketing Intelligence (Free Download)

These past couple of weeks we’ve been discussing our new marketing objectives for Executive Data Control. One of those is redesigning our website. During our discussion on the new website design, look for this in an upcoming blog post, I realized that I ask a lot of questions not only about what we are intending to market with the new website, but how we are going to market what’s on there. I thought that was important, because I’ve met some marketers and business owners who don’t necessarily ask these questions. Since marketing is part of what we do and very important, especially when it can bring money in the door, I decided to work up a little quiz that explains a little of my philosophy on marketing.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m a marketing genius. I am far from it, as I do not have any formal training and learned everything as needed in the course of doing my job. But I do think my unique take on marketing and how some marketing programs are run is, at the very least, interesting. So, I invite you to take the short quiz that I put together. It is not meant to be definitive in any sense, but I do hope it helps you quickly assess whether you are implementing your marketing in a smart and effective way.

Click here to download the free quiz (in pdf format) and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Free Grade Your Marketing Intelligence Quiz Download

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