Embroidery! Come out and Play!

The year was 1979, I was in seventh grade. The movie “The Warriors” had just hit the theatres. Suddenly, all my young impressionable Ozark friends wanted to be members of Lower East Side Manhattan street gangs. We gave ourselves nicknames like “Loco, Jazz, Bones, and Goose” (Goose?! lol) But the most important factor of our new found love for this idiocy was our clothing, especially the denin jackets with the sleeves cut off (we were too poor for leather.) We needed a big scary logo on the back of our jackets that seventh graders from other schools might find intimidating. We painted the backs of our jackets with skulls, flames and daggers, You know, middle school stuff.

embroidery warriors

But one of these “tough guy” seventh graders went to his Mommy and requested help with design and implementation. I’ll never forget the day my buddy Phil walked into the school in his denim jacket emblazoned with the most beautiful embroidered eagle on the back, an amazingly intricate design. All hand stitched and ornate with moons, suns, hummingbirds and peace signs, it was pretty awesome. Well, now EVERYONE wanted Phil’s Mom to embroider their jackets. And thanks to Phil’s Mom we would not look like underprivileged petty criminals from the Lower East Side. Instead, we would look like underprivileged children of Hippy holdovers from the 60’s. We did eventually meet a kid who relocated from the South Bronx, he set us straight on the whole “New York street gang” thing. The reality being that it was only glamorous in the movies and they actually committed terrible crimes that would not settle well in our conscientious young minds. Our focus quickly reversed back to school studies and the movie “The Warriors” went from “action thriller” to a new genre named “inadvertent comedy.”

Where am I going with this? My point; you can get that same quality embroidery with machines now. At EDC we run sophisticated software driven multi-head Barudan embroidery machines that can produce the same quality and intricacies as the masterpieces produced by Phil’s Mom. If you need great quality embroidery for your business or group give Rick a call 800-445-2946 or visit our website at https://www.edcmktg.com to learn more about our embroidery technology.