Embroidered Grocery Tote Could Help The Environment

Which are you, paper or plastic? Turns out this is a question with only bad answers. The evidence is in and the only solution is reusable grocery totes. Here is a great opportunity to get some brand exposure with a truly useful and socially conscious product; an embroidered grocery tote.

After decades of use the evidence is clearly showing that plastic bags are bad for the environment. The city of Los Angeles has joined many other locales and banned the use of plastic bags just this last spring.  The problem is that paper is just as bad, there are big impacts from producing any disposable bag.

For some time now reusable bags have been identified as the solution, but only if people actually use them. The key here is the word disposable. To take a embroidered grocery totereusable bag and not use it, then throw it away makes their impact potentially far worse than paper or plastic ever could.

Not all reusable grocery totes are created equal. Stores are currently selling reusable totes ranging from .99 cents to over $25.00. We believe that an attractive and sturdy grocery tote is not seen as disposable and reminds the owner to use it. A cheap looking screen printed cloth bag seems disposable, and that could cause people to treat them that way; a potential disaster for the environment.

This is a matter of perceived value. An attractive canvas tote with an embroidered logo to add touch of style is not going to be thrown away. And people will use them in high traffic shopping areas. Plus the size gives lots of room for branding, and maybe even a monogram. Embroidered grocery totes are useful, attractive, and both socially and environmentally beneficial. It’s a perfect opportunity for the use of promotional products.

This is a huge trend, there will absolutely be more reusable bags in our future. Get your logo out in front with attractive and distinctive embroidered grocery totes at Executive Data Control. Call Rick at 417-886-2693.

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