Embroidered Fleece Apparel is Flexible Comfort

Jacket season is upon us and we think embroidered fleece is a great solution, it is warm and attractive. There are more varieties of fleece fabrics than ever before, so you may need to know some handy tips for using fleece in your company apparel.   Fleece yarns range in size from fine to thick. Embroidered FleeceThe finer yarns create a lighter weight garment than you are used to for fleece. These fine yarns allow for a smooth surface perfect for a screen printed design. Cotton content also makes fleece easier to screen print on, polyester fibers tend to migrate in ink dryers. Thinner fleece is great, but heavyweight and thicker yarns create a warmer jacket. In order to create warmth without spending a tremendous amount of money we recommend heavier 100% polyester or a cotton poly blend and using embroidery instead of screen printing for apparel decoration.

Fleece is warm already, but a higher polyester content makes for water-resistant fleece. Water resistance is just the thing for a useful fall jacket. In fact we have been very happy with 100% polyester fleece. It looks different from cotton, it can have a shiny surface and naturally repels water. It has found popularity as a garment for exercise and use in active sports. And polyester can offer vibrant fluorescent colors that cotton cannot. Perfect if you are looking to follow the latest neon color trends. When you add your embroidered logo you make a perfect gift that actually gets used.

Embroidered fleece is stylish, warm, and useful, and thanks to polyester blends, it is more affordable than ever. Let us help you find the right jacket to keep those you care about warm and comfortable for fall 2013. Ask Rick for more information – 800-445-2946.

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