EDC’s Heat Seal Transfers Solve Apparel Decorating Issues

EDC specializes in apparel decorating solutions for our customers, like heat seal transfers. Sometimes a customer needs a logo in an innovative location like on a collar or a hemline, places where embroidery hoops have limitations. Sometimes the issue is the garment’s thread count or drape won’t allow for backing material or the fabric is waterproof and can’t take a needle hole. These are great examples of applications that need heat seal transfers.

Heat transfer technology keeps getting better. We can offer an unlimited color range and PMS color matching. You can also get them in reflective materials for high visibility safety environments. Heat transfers maintain a fabrics water resistance.

If you have a logo design that will not work in embroidery or screen printing due to too much detail or fine lines we can often make a heat seal transfer that solves the problem. The picture at right shows our new EDC logo with a tagline of Established 1967. The tagline is a very fine lined font that will not embroider well. The shirt is 100% polyester and will not like the heat of the oven if we tried to screen print this. The answer is a heat seal transfer. Notice how well that fine lined font reproduces. Also the transfer has a very supple and soft feel to it. The fabric underneath can still drape like it is supposed to.

If you have a challenging logo or fabric you want to use on your corporate apparel, call Rick at 800-445-2946 and let us provide a solution.

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