EDC Solves Complicated Promotional Products Problems

Process ImprovementWe have been engaged in a lot of strategic planning lately as sales of promotional products are growing. As part of our process we look at our sales results, our beliefs and values, and align those with our business mission. Then we make changes, or not. We got a chance to see Simon Sinek’s TED talk on great leadership. Take 20 minutes and watch it here.

The idea that people buy from you because of “why” you exist is really interesting and makes a lot of sense. Most companies fixate on “what” they sell and then try to explain “how” they are better. Customers pay more attention to “why” your company exists, the grand purpose that they connect with emotionally. This emotional connection will drive purchase behavior that rational and intellectual reasoning will not. From Simon’s presentation we have developed a better understanding of why we are here.

EDC is a distributor/manufacturer hybrid here to solve logo merchandise problems for fast growing and busy companies who are becoming overwhelmed. We are a LEAN driven process improvement partner who is an easy and reliable source for promotional products, decorated apparel and digital print. We are laser focused on managing and reporting your total spend to achieve your goals. We help customers simplify everything from research, design, production, online access, storage and fulfillment, all the way to reporting your spend. And our supply chain management service means we can drive your spend down without sacrificing quality or service.

Need online access? We have it. Need to coordinate marketing collateral for a campaign? We can do it. Do you have loyalty program materials that must be sent monthly? No problem, we do that and more. Need to offer online payment via your company procurement card? We do that every day.

We believe that through cooperation, conversation, and planning we can solve the most complicated distribution challenge any company can throw at us. Call EDC at 800-445-2946 and ask for a demo of our online company stores, or come by a take a facilities tour, and you will see why we have grown sales by over 20% since 2010.

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