EDC Embroidery Digitizing Solves Problems

Digitized Embroidery LogoOne of the most important steps to producing quality embroidery is digitizing the logo. When a customer gives us a logo file, we have to translate that into stitches that will make the design look best and that our equipment can produce. In the industry there are companies that do nothing but digitize logos. We are fortunate to have in-house digitizing capabilities to help us produce the best quality we can.

Some decorators are under the wrong impression that a software package can translate your logo to a good stitch design automatically. Good digitizing is actually part art and part science, the software needs the trained eye of someone with experience running the embroidery machines. Someone with no digitizing experience can run embroidery machines, but you must have embroidery experience to digitize designs properly, even when using great software.

EDC’s Karen Bassett has been in the industry for 39 years. She was required to have three years of machine experience before she was allowed to learn to digitize. She saw first hand the results of a master digitizer’s designs on machine stitch flow. Karen says, “It’s all in the planning.” She optimizes the look of the design first, and then she adjusts for the machine. She can get more detail by hand than by using the automatic setting on the software. Color order matters, she has to hide light thread under dark. She designs so the thread travels from blocks to minimize trimming to achieve high capacity stitch flow.

Mass production software is different from one-off software you find in small shops or included with small machine purchases. Are you frustrated with the quality of your embroidered design? We can take your design and give you our expert opinion on improvements. Call us at 800-445-2946 or send us an e-mail.

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