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Downpour Marketing

Downpour Marketing

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You may be wondering what Downpour Marketing is.  It’s my own made-up expression for saturating your geographic target area with marketing that promotes your business, product or service.

There are so many ways to implement this strategy that you can do it even with a small marketing budget. The key is accessing your potential customers in new and unexpected ways.

Small business owners, new businesses, and smart owners of larger companies can benefit from these inexpensive marketing tactics. You can choose some or all but remember the key is to saturate so …. Pour It On.


Here are just a few drops to choose from


  • Do a post card mail-out to the people and/or businesses in your zip code. – You would be amazed at how inexpensive postcards are.
  • Buy an email list for businesses and/or people in your zip code. 
  • Mass distribute inexpensive promotional products such as pens, magnets, matchbooks, post-it notes, rulers, etc. 
  • Print flyers and distribute in mass to businesses and residences. 
  • Give out business cards to everyone you are in contact with. 
  • Offer local businesses VIP discount cards to give to their employees or VIP customers. – Great for restaurants, spa services, salons, etc. 
  • Create works of art on basic promotional products. – People tend to hold on to creative, attractive graphics even when it comes to the most basic promotional items. 
  • Print small size posters with “cool” graphics or public domain art and give them as gifts to your vendors and customers.


For more Downpour Marketing ideas contact an EDC Promotional Product Specialist or if you have some Downpour Ideas you would like to share, please feel free to add to this list.

Dishanya Weerasinha
Marketing Director
Executive Data Control

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