Digital Print vs. Thermography Business Cards

Business cards serve as an ice-breaker for networking functions, a visual reminder of your capabilities and most importantly, a tangible bit of contact information for your business. So, what’s the form of best business card to leave? At Executive Data Control, we feel eye-catching graphics and aesthetics are important, but even more important are the long-term effects – your green fingerprint.

Digital PrintThough often thought of as more aesthetically pleasing, raised print (thermography) business cards are not a good choice for an eco-conscious business. The more popular and greener choice is the digital print business cards. Thermography business cards are developed using a plastic coating that doesn’t naturally break down.  A more environmentally conscious choice for business card printing is the digital print business card. At Executive Data Control, we offer a soy-based ink and 100, 90 or 30 percent post consumer waste recycled paper for a green alternative. Email or call Stacey at 1-800-445-2948 today to order yours.

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