Crowd Sourcing Logo Design Works

We have exciting news coming soon about additional capabilities and growth. Part Logo Tournament EDC Solutionsof this is a rebranding effort to our name and logo. We have changed our logo before, and it is never easy. People tend know what they like after the see it and that is a problem for a designer. It used to be you would pay a designer a lump sum in exchange for three ideas and a round of changes to the best design. This compromise between the number of ideas you see and the cost for the designer to produce ideas always meant that you don’t see many ideas. This scenario is a perfect opportunity for a crowd-source solution.

Let us introduce you to Logo Tournament. This is an online crowd source site for logo design. You can track the progress of the EDC Solutions contest here.
This is a great idea. Right now we have 38 logos to look at. We have offered feedback to a couple of designers who changed their design based on our suggestions. We are much closer to a logo we all agree on than ever before. Plus it is a lot of fun.Logo Tournament EDC Solutions 2

The only constant in life is change, and Logo Tournament is an example of technology driving industry change. There is a real need for graphic design in the promotional products and advertising specialty industries. Screen Printed T-shirts have become a platform for self-expression and creativity. The quality of the design is one of the keys to creating decorated apparel that people want to wear. Crowd sourcing the design could be a great solution if you need to see a lot of ideas fast. We are planning an announcement and a ribbon-cutting on February 12th, come find out which logo is the winner. For more information call us at 800-445-2946.

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