Business Cards Are Still A Thing

I’ve heard it time and time again “I have this awesome smart phone and I store all my contacts in it. I can open this neat-o application and scan/download/bump your contact information. So, why would I need a business card?” It’s a sensible question, but the reality is; People are still handing out business cards, literally billions of them. Business cards are still relevant and will be for years to come. They’re a simple means of making an impact and they don’t run out of battery power. Business cards have staying power. And if you’re really in the “know” you can give that business card some digital life by adding a simple QR Code with your contact information and links to your social media outlets.

A quote from Chip Cutter (editor at LinkedIn) “I spent much of last week at the TED conference in Long Beach, Calif., where nearly every conversation ended with a familiar phrase: “Let me give you my business card.” At the tech-savvy confab of big ideas, I expected attendees to connect in more advanced ways. (This is the same conference, after all, that showcased Baxter, the human robot; 4D printing; and Google’s futuristic eyewear.) But, at TED, the business card is king. People weren’t bumping their phones together to swap contact information; they were exchanging pieces of card stock. In the lobby of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, at parties and dinners after talks, a recurring scene played out. A conversation would begin, and a business card would surely follow.”

So the business card isn’t dead, maybe slightly bruised, but not dead. It’s still a viable means of introducing yourself and your company. But your business card needs to stand out. Make it a work of art worth holding on to. If your card is well designed, visually attractive and printed on high quality material people will mostly assume your products and services are of a high standard. Your card doesn’t have to be limited to contact details, it can also be treated as an advertisement by Too much in too littleproviding relevant imaging to your products and services.  Be creative, but keep it to a “standard” size, 3.5 inches by 2 inches high so it fits neatly in a stack and will fit in a wallet. Don’t try to stuff too much information onto the front of the card; we don’t need to see your four fax numbers. Name, title, street address, a couple of phone numbers, email and website. Use COLOR! Embossing is great too but use it sparingly.

Business Cards are something EDC is an old pro at. EDC was one of the first national companies to provide an online print proofing system, and it all started with business cards. Currently EDC can provide online proofing for just about any form you can imagine. If you need a new business card design, or have an existing design and need to order, then EDC is ready and willing to help. While you’re at it schedule a demo of our great online art proofing system. Give us a call at 1-800-445-2946. Thanks for reading!