Bonnets and Baseball Caps

The baseball cap; completely an American invention, right up there with hotdogs and apple pie. Not so much that it’s food, though some have made lofty promises resulting in eating their caps. We can thank the 1860 Brooklyn Excelsior’s for introducing the ancestor of the modern baseball cap. Inspired by the laughter and chiding received when a few brave souls wore their wives sun bonnets onto the field. Thanks to those brave souls this American icon would grow to become a branding standard of the bipedal American billboard.

Alien Bonnnet

But baseball caps are more than just a billboard, baseball caps are functional. Just ask police, military and EMS all around the globe, baseball caps have become an integral part of their uniforms. They use caps to quickly denote their rank or job function to others, you know, so voices don’t become horse by constantly asking “What is it you do here?” and “Who’s going to get me a soda?”

I wear baseball caps almost daily, they keep the sun and sweat out of my eyes. They also sometimes hide the fact that I did not wash my hair that morning (gross right?) But it is with pride that I display the logo of my favorite sports team, music group, brand or sentiment across my forehead. To me the baseball cap is a perfect opportunity to say “HEY! LOOK!” without actually tying anyone to a chair, they’re hard to miss. The next time you’re out and about take a look at the people around you, what do you see? Baseball caps! They are an integral part of American culture, from rock bands to rap stars, caps are everywhere.

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