Four Tips on Buying Youth Group T-Shirts

youth group t-shirts

Youth Group T-Shirts

It’s summertime and time for youth group directors to start purchasing youth group t-shirts.

It seems like it’s finally here. With the weather performing some funky stuff this year, it may not feel like summer is right around the corner, but it is. For all you youth group directors and counselors, here are 4 tips on finding the right shirt provider this year. Take off those pea coats and corduroy pants, it’s t-shirt time!

The price fits the shirt. With youth group t-shirts, it does not matter the quality of the fabric or whether it will last all year. Make sure you understand this before buying something moderately expensive and realizing it is the same shirt the guy down the street is selling for a third of the price. Look for a great price from a company that has been in the business for a long time.

Service is everything. The reason you buy something from an experienced company is because they have created a system that works. They know how to take care of their customer and love to serve you. Apply this rule to your youth group t-shirts provider search. If you have any needs or questions, they should be waiting for your call and ease your fears of time, shipping, process management, and correct colors, sizes, and logos.

“Your logo here.“  Many online youth group t-shirts companies offer numerous template designs. You plug in your text into their design and you have your t-shirt. Your brand matters. When you are choosing a company to get your shirts from, make sure they will put your logo onto a shirt and will not charge you more because you did not use one of their emblems. There are many companies who will meet your needs for a smaller price tag.

Take time off next year. Once the company you have chosen proves themselves as your youth group t-shirts provider for 2014, save some time and replicate the experience in 2015! The organized and efficient companies will take care of this by calling you way before you even think about kids swinging on tree branches and blowing bubbles. Better yet, the great companies will offer you a way to customize your order online and get it to your front door with a click of your mouse.

Always remember that you are the buyer and, therefore, the one in the captain’s chair. Go with a company that has good service and great prices. Do this early and you will be free to do the things you like to do, like writing poetry or playing musical chairs with your buddies. Happy planning!