3 Holiday Gift Ideas for Companies in 2012

Gift BowIf your company gives holiday gifts, it’s that time of year to start brainstorming for holiday gift ideas for companies. Whether you are remembering customers, employees, or suppliers, everyone appreciates the time, thought and attention that gift giving brings. Don’t just send some logoed promotional product like a pen or a notepad, which could be considered cheap. We think the gift should be personal and reflect your genuine appreciation for all the people that keep our businesses running.

Many medium and larger sized companies have rules against accepting gifts, especially limiting the dollar value to avoid ethical conflicts. We have found that food gifts work well in these companies. We have had success with high quality meats and cheeses in a gift basket with a beverage. You can personalize the basket with a nice card that has a photo of your team. These gifts can be delivered to the HR department to be shared by all, for a special treat that says thanks for the opportunity to serve.

If there are no gift giving restrictions you might consider a more thoughtful and useful gift. Electronics are huge, there is a lot of variety and people really appreciate and use them. Headphones, speakers and MP3 players and USB drives are consistently hot items. You might consider a tablet case or iphone accessories.

Apparel is still appreciated; we think seasonal items work best; winter hats, scarves, gloves, fleeces, blankets and more. When you give winter apparel, you are literally giving someone a warm and fuzzy feeling. Embroidered apparel can elevate the look of your logo and the perceived value of the gift a great deal. Consider providing a monogrammed item, what could be more personal? Soft apparel also ships well in a gift box that allows room for a nice card signed by your staff.

Don’t wait for the last minute scramble, gift recipients can tell how much thought went into your gift. Show them you really care by getting started now. Just call Rick Barr at 800-445-2946 and let us put some ideas together for your company this holiday season.

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