Using Online Technology to Effectively Manage Your Projects

Online todo lists have been popular for some time now. We are increasingly using online technology and online applications to do our work, so it only makes sense that our own project management systems would live in the cloud as well. Also, there are some definite benefits to using an online system to manage your projects.

How I Use Projects in Evernote (and tie them back to actions)

  1. Access From Anywhere

Because your todo lists exist in the cloud, you can get to them anywhere you have access to an internet connection. This is, of course a downfall, if you are in a place where you cannot access the internet. Most online todo lists do have a print function, however, so that you can take your lists with you when you know you won’t have internet access. Also, some of them have apps for iphone, blackberry, and android that will save a local copy of your todo list on your phone, to make your lists even more portable

  1. Affordable

Most of the online project management solutions are quite affordable. This is in direct opposition to most solutions that need to be installed on a server (ie hosted) to work properly. When you pay for something to be installed on a server, you’re mostly paying for the infrastructure and licensing fees to use it for a year or more. Most online applications allow you to pay for only a month at a time and will give you thirty days to try it out for free before you decide to pay.

  1. Updates Are Automatic

Unlike hosted solutions, you don’t have to worry about upgrading the software on your server in order to receive the latest updates. Most online project management solutions update their code quite regularly with bug fixes and feature updates. This is great, as you’re guaranteed to have the latest edition of the software without doing anything!

There are many more benefits to using an online solution for project management, but these are the three major ones that should be considered when deciding what type of project management solution to go with.

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